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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

School days, school days

Oh I'm feeling so melancholy. #1 started first grade today.  His excitement was hard to contain.  He was telling me all about the latest beyblades (his new obsession) and his mama was trying to get him to sit down and eat some breakfast.  I was there to do my "capture" on the first day of school.  I was there an hour before he needed to leave, and you could just feel the electricity in the air.

#1 will be going to school with two buddies who live on his street.  Not only will they attend the same school, they have the distinction of ALL being in the same room.  #1 has a front row seat (phew) and the others are seated behind him.  It had me flashing back 25+ years ago when my #1 son was heading off to first grade.  He was in the same classroom as his buddies.  One lived next door, the other directly across the street.  These high spirited, bright young boys were ready for first grade, more so than their mamas.  As we stood outside the room, trying to not let them see us, with tears in our eyes, and laughter spilling out into the hallway, we looked in awe at our sons.

There they sat, hands folded neatly on their desks, straight faces, looking seriously at the chalk board ahead of them.  No signs of the high spirits, the giggles, the endless chatter that we were used to.  Were they scared? Would they do well?  So much uncertainty on that day, and yes, it seems like such a short time ago.  Some images are burned into my brain, and I hope I never forget them. They are the sweet memories of letting go. It's hard, I don't deny it.  I loved having little children, I loved having them close.  Once school came, and they were gone all day, others took over and had influence on them.

I think my children fared well.  I think they grew up strong and confident.  Of course they took their licks, everyone does.  I felt my job was to make them think they were so awesome, that even when others took chinks out of their armor, they would never get all the way through. 

The final wave as he's "off"  I get to pick him up, and can't wait to hear how his day went!
I have given this advice to others, and think it still applies.  Children can't be good all the time, so just hope they choose to be good at school!  Here's to #1 stealing his teacher's heart, and that she has a fondness and patience for the bright, chatty, sweetest of sweet boys.


Melanie said...

MG, these are the cutest back to school pics I've seen! LOVE the 1st shot! They grow sooo fast!

Baby G's Grandparents said...

Hope #1 had a blast at school today! Great photos for the first day of school!

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