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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why photography?

Not an easy answer. I drive my family crazy. I have heard, "no more photos" "put the camera down" etc. etc. etc. 

My answer to them is this.  Someday at my funeral, be sure to tell people you will miss my photos, because I think you will.

I capture our family like no one else in my family does. I try to find the details, the emotion, and the joy.

I enjoy taking photos, and I'm enjoying the art of photography and learning more. Trying new settings on the camera, new lenses, it's a journey that is not a fast one, but one that I enjoy.


MommyG said...

I have ALWAYS appreciated your gift of photography:) You have inspired me and paved the way for my love of taking photos too!

Juli said...

What gorgeous, gorgeous photos! Joyful, indeed! Can't wait to see more!
Looking forward to being on this course with you.

Jessica said...

Oh, if I had a dime...I also get lots of pouts and tears when I try to take group family shots but your right, when we are gone there will be lots of pictures for everyone to remember (as long as we remember to get in a few of the frames!! ; 0 )

koreen (aka: winn) said...

Enjoyment of photography is so important! If we didn't enjoy it, we probably shouldn't do it. ;) When you see something important and meaningful that you just have to capture, you totally should. People really do appreciate a momento of those moments. Keep rocking it!

Aimee Cotton Bogush said...

Finding details and joy is both simple and powerful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the photo of those cuties!

Kat Sloma said...

"I capture our family like no one else in my family does." So true. You bring your heart to the images you capture, and that is special. I hear the "no more photos" at times too. It's worth it, in the long run, to have those photos that you care about. Thank you for sharing your "why" with us!

Unknown said...

I too have heard those words, but now that they are all grown they LOVE pulling out all the childhood photo albums and walking down memory lane together. That has been such a blessing for me to see them "use" the photos just as I hoped they would. For our sons' children to look at their parents as children has been an unexpected pleasure.
So...keep on snapping! :-)

Anonymous said...

"a journey that is not a fast one, but one that I enjoy", i can't imagine getting anything out of a fast journey. This makes photography a meditative activity.
Love your little darlings. I look forward to sharing part of this journey with you.

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