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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 9-11

So this Sunday, I am posting from Chicago. We took a quick anniversary trip to Wisconsin to watch the Oregon State Beavers play  football, only our team forgot to play.  Oh well, the people of Wisconsin were very welcoming, I got to see a baseball game in Miller Park in Milwaukee, and combed the streets where Laverne and Shirley were from.

This week's items are bokeh, statues, flying high, remember, and process of elimination

                                                                             Process of elimination
See original photo below..took away the handle


                                                    Remember when

On my son's wedding day, he had my father's pocket watch that had been given to him by his mother. Now as the story goes, my father carried this with him all through WWII. He was in the Bataan Death March, and a POW for 42 months. I don't know how he kept this hidden, but it was something he cherished.  In his will he left it to his first born grandson.  I waited until his wedding day to pass it on to him.  He also wore one of my father's medals from the war.

                                                                                      Flying high
This was taken from the hot air balloon that I was in.  Such a wonderful experience. Flying above the clouds in a silent balloon.  The early morning air so crisp and clean.

This is Robin Yount's statue. Famous Milwaukee Brewer.  When our son was little and went to spring training, he got to be the ball boy for the Brewers.  One time when we were vacationing in Hawaii, there was a young couple with two small children playing in the waves. My son informed me it was Robin Yount. I doubted him, but later when the young man split his head open on the boogie board, he approached us to see if we had a first aid kit because my husband was wearing a Brewers hat.  My son definitely had a "I told you so minute"


deb duty said...

Amazing photo of the balloon! Love the perspective from above the clouds!

Tamar SB said...

What amazing flying high and a touching remember! Great set!

Unknown said...

Love the remember photo! what a great story to go along with it!

Unknown said...

I feel as if I just glimpsed into your life thru your commentaries. Thank you for sharing. I especially love your "remember" photo and story. Thank you to your dad and to all our brave men and women in uniform who served and protected our country.



Deanna@snippets from springdale said...

I would love to go on a balloon ride, such a terrific image. Beautiful series!!

Melanie said...

Fabulous as always laddy! Love the pocket watch shot!

LINDYLOR said...

Love your remember shot, wonderful family history to keep and remember

Ashley Sisk said...

I'm loving these shots - from the first the hot air balloon...love them all!

Valeria said...

Great interpretations.
What a handsome little boy

Saun said...

I love remember when, very touching made me cry. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the sweet comment. I made my collage at picnik.com it's really easy. Have a great week!

Light Trigger said...

nice photos, it's amazing how photography improves when some useless detail is cropped! love that shot!!!

Sara said...

Would LOVE it if you would share your pics at my photo swap going on right now!! http://www.sweetlittlegals.com/2011/09/sweet-little-photo-swap-12.html (Sunday party)

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