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Monday, April 25, 2011

Watch out Tiger Woods!

We live on a golf course.  We both know how to golf, but haven't swung a club in over five years.  It's a peaceful place to live. Very green, and relatively quiet.  People always ask, "do you get many golf balls?"  Not in the back, where the golf course is, but we do get some in the front yard.  Our routine is to pick them up and put them in the bunny planter.  Sort of an ode to Easter.  Our bunny has balls, not eggs, er, so to speak.
Monday is my Rowdy day, and the boy has now decided to do separation anxiety.  He knows the minute he walks in, that his mommy is going to leave.  No matter how long she stays, what she does, he's unhappy. Best to just leave and let us get on with it.  Yes, he cries, but he eventually gets over it.  With tears in his eyes, sitting next to the door, he gives me the sign for DADDY.  "He's a work, I tell him"  Sad face...

On with breakfast, a few toys
Trying to recreate the basket find it, put in in, take it out.......

 Then he just couldn't get over the need to go to the door and see if anyone was waiting outside. We went out, and low and behold, the bunny with the balls caught his eye....I think the photos will tell the tale....pj's got dirty, but the sun made a short stay and we soaked it up and laughed, and bounced some time away.

 I love his method for carrying more than two. Tuck under the chin and away he goes...a little wall ball, and he was amused.

Look out Tiger, when Rowdy finds a club, I have a feeling it's going to be all over.


MommyG said...

Yes, we are going through an interesting separation anxiety stage, aren't we? We appreciate you! I am glad he loved the golf balls, he is getting better and better at throwing! LOVE the photos. :)

Baby G's Grandparents said...

FUNNY--love the "chin storage" shots (did he try his mouth first to see if they fit in there?)! I wonder if he'll remember to look for those next time he's at your house--could be a weekly activity (and to search the yard for new ones!).

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