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Friday, April 8, 2011

Clamtastic time

Long before the sun came up, I was sipping on my cup of coffee and driving over to pick up one of Mark's "bromances" to go clam digging in the state of Washington.

By the time the sun finally rose, we were well on our way to our favorite location to dig razor clams in Long Beach, WA.  Such a treat to dust off the old sunglasses and take in the views of the majestic Pacific Northwest.

First shot of the day....taken from the passenger window...sadly not as lovely as it looked to my eye.

It wasn't the easiest of digs, as those little clams were hiding for the most part, but the sun was warm, and we wondered why we had suited up as much as we had.  We finally managed to dig our limits of 15 clams each, and couldn't believe that all we would have needed was a tshirt.

Last year for mother's day Mark gifted me with a powder pink clam gun.  Pinkie is a good old girl, and hasn't let me down. Today was no exception.

Collecting sand dollars has become my duty while looking out for clams.  I never find sand dollars on the Oregon coast, but usually there are hundreds in Washington.  Today I only found two...two perfect dollars.  It's gonna be a great weekend, I can feel it. I started coughing night before last.  Not just a little tickle, or a small hack to make people think I'm a smoker, but a deep and loud cough that can shiver the timbers type of cough.  I feel great, I just have this damn cough.  I made a trip to the Dr.'s office just in case this turns to something bad.  Didn't want to be away from home, then wake up and think I'm dieing...so I got the fabulous prescription cough syrup that makes sleeping a little easier, and Mike has suggested that I go out and try my cough to see if I can call any elk in.  Such love from the men!

Mike's wife will join us tonight when she gets off work.  I snuck in a nap, and now wait for the men to return from wherever their manly travels have taken them..Oh sunshine, how I've missed you!


Michelle said...

Hey, this is so cool girl! Beyond glad I found your blog! Maybe you have time to visit mine too, and if you like it, follow me. I always follow back :)

Kisses xoXx

Baby G's Grandparents said...

Wow--where have I been? I've missed a few of your blog posts!! This looked like a fabulous time and I remember someone promising me a razor clam meal next time I visit!

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