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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Four letter word!!!

Aghhhh.  We have words that come to mind, I know we all do. When you hear "four letter word" your mind instantly goes to a place. I am going to use the worst of the four letter words....SICK!

Poor baby Teak is really sick.  He joined me for his Wednesday morning while I was sitting in the dentist chair.  Mommy looked work ready...nicely dressed, pretty jewelery, hair looking nice, but Teak looked like he'd been pulled through a knot hole.  His eyes were red and weepy, and he looked sad.  He tried his best to give me a smile when Lucy handed him to me, but it was definitely forced.  Lucy wanted to stay home, but I encouraged her to go with the promise I would call if there was a problem.

We did fine, he played with toys, ate a little applesauce and I kept wiping his eyes which were getting worse by the minute.  I made a call to the mama and said better call the Dr. today, and not wait for tomorrow, he's getting worse. 

Turns out he has a bacterial infection in both eyes, and is on antibiotics.  The Dr. said there had been many children in the last two weeks with the same stuff.  Just when we start to see the sun shine, and get our hopes up that spring will finally be here, we get hit with the CRUD.  ugh.  I did the Clorox wipes on all the toys, will wash the bedding, and  hope the drugs take hold quickly...

 He's getting into everything...his combo swim, scoot, jungle crawl is most effective!

Isn't this the most pathetic face?  It says it all, I feel like crap and I want to go home!

The good news is, brother Ty is to keep his distance, so guess who's having a sleep over??  Yup, all is not lost...it's pj party time at Tutus!

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Baby G's Grandparents said...

Poor little Teak! It sure has been one long, drawn-out flu and cold season this year...why should I be surprised? It was snowing in Coeur d'Alene on the way to work this morning--grrrr.

Feel better soon, buddy! (And I pray Tutu doesn't catch it!)

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