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Monday, April 18, 2011

Rowdy & Blake playdate

After a very long time, Rowdy and Blake were able to get together for another play date.  These two littles are only a week apart, and it's so fun to watch their interactions with each other.  Blake lives in California, so the chances to play aren't very many.

Blake and his family were in town for Uncle Jason's wedding.  It was a fun wedding, and it was great seeing all the people who live out of state come together for such a happy occasion.

Rowdy was a little uncertain of the new playmate.  He greeted them with a wave, but once we settled in with the toys, he seemed to need Tutu more than usual.  After about 15 minutes, he had warmed up to the crowd of Blake, his mommy Allison, and Blake's Nana, Dawn.  The boys are just shy of 20 months old, and still play in a more parallel fashion, and for the most part ignored each other.  That is until Rowdy decided that the match box cars looked like fun.  Blake has a real thing with cars at the moment, and sharing a large bag of cars was not on his agenda.  Allison quickly intervened, and there were plenty of cars to go around.

The boys were very entertaining to watch, and they found more common ground than little cars.  Rowdy brought out the Dr. kit and they proceeded to play doctor.  Blake thinking that most things were phones, and used them in that manner.  Very fun to watch.
Blake had great fun chasing the cats.  He's used to dogs, and was so entertained by the cats, and I was amazed at how tolerant they were of him and his high pitched "kiki" as he went after them!
The boys spent some quality time looking out the window for "mow mows" and soaking up the elusive sunshine.
When it was time for Blake to go home for his nap, Allison told him to say goodbye to Rowdy.  He walked over, patted him on the back and said "bye bye baby"
Baby?  Really?  He's one week younger than you. 
We walked Blake and his family outside to Blake's waiting stroller.  Rowdy was so cute as he said goodbye..not knowing when these two cute little boys will get together.
Where did they go????


Baby G's Grandparents said...

Hi MG! Erika told me about the play date today and these are PRICELESS! Blake is such a little man already--so handsome! He's already lost his little toddler tummy--hee hee. I wonder if they even remember their other play dates over the past year or so? Thanks for getting the boys back together!

MommyG said...

So fun to see the boys together...thank you for taking photo documentation of the day!! :)

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