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Sunday, October 16, 2011

computer villans

Some evil force has come in and messed with our ability to be in the cyber world.  It started with an old desk top that was mainly used for #1 grandson to compute and hit PBS kids and explore. It hold lots of old photos, and some word documents. 

Mr. and I both have personal laptops, and that's where I store my photos, and my day to day business.  Well long story short, took the desktop in to get it fixed up, cleaned up, and for a minimal amount of $$ got a new tower, old stuff loaded, and came home to get the wireless working.  For reasons unknown to me or comcast, things weren't working. CD wouldn't load, I went to the web page, downloaded the driver, still didn't work.

After seven, yes seven phone calls, and I'm starting to be at my wits end I've connected them into my Internet world, they determine that the router is faulty.  Seriously?  Hours and hours, and frustration, and now I need a new machine.  Geesh.

In the meantime, my laptop got shut with the cord across it, and now I have no screen.  I'm sick. I had photos all lined up for this week's scavenger hunt. It's my new favorite Sunday treat. I will pass this week, and hopefully have a personal laptop by next week. Then, perhaps all three computers will be back in the wonderful wireless world.

Until then, here is a photo of #1 on the bearskin rug....I think my photo skills have improved since then, but look at that sweet face, and those adorable buns!  Bare on bear.

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