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Sunday, October 30, 2011

And then I snapped!

Linking up with And then she snapped

and then, she {snapped}
My favorite shot from the week.  For many reasons, but mostly because it makes me smile, and makes me think of dear friends so far away in Vienna.


Ms. Becky said...

why he's simply adorable! that's a great shot. when he's older he's going to treasure this one forever - it's so full of joy. thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello, I truly appreciate it. happy week to you MG.

NCSue said...

Thanks so much for hooking up to my Wordless Wednesday post last week. I'm hoping you'll stop by at 12:01 tomorrow for a premature posting of Wordless Wednesday... and please link up once again!

Have a great week! I'm looking forward to your photos!


Grandma Bonnie said...

So adorable. Priceless memory!

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