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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Two years of sweetness

I love parties, I love birthdays, weddings, and all the come together, let's celebrate moments that life brings our way.

Last night was one of those moments.  Our little cowboy Rowdy turned two years old. It's hard to believe that two years has gone by. It seems like the blink of an eye, and he's now two.  Never a sweeter boy, and so fun to see families come together, eat, drink, and love on each other.  Littles making much noise, water to cool us from the heat, and food to fuel our bodies.

Here are just a few of the moments from a fun filled circus party with the ringmaster Rowdy!

This was the location of the party. Keizer gazebo and splashpad

birthday boy eating double fisted

jumpy castle to add to the fun

Lance kept the BBQ fired up and burgers and corn dogs were the circus fare

He love everyone singing to him and gave us a round of applause to show his gratitude

baby boy never misses a moment to get in on clapping

so many presents, and he loved each one

such fun party favors for the little ones that attended

This is the weekend for celebrating.  A wedding reception today, and another special birthday tomorrow.  Hope I can keep up!


kok said...

Happy Birthday from Austria! What a great party!

Baby G's Grandparents said...

Thanks for being Rowdy's personal paparazzo for the past two years--my photo album would be MUCH thinner if it weren't for you! You are such a blessing in our lives. I'm glad you are Rowdy's Tutu.

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