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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Turning the corner

Such a busy week! I don't know where the time goes, but here it is all ready Thursday and I finally have stopped and looked at photos.

This week found #1 grandson getting his courage up and doing his imitation of a guppy.  He is having the time of his life! Swim lessons are so fun for him.  I was trying to remember when and how I learned to swim. I don't remember learning, I just always remember swimming. I have always loved the water, and it's so important to me that my children, and their children learn to love and respect the water.

Ty went from level one to two in one day.  He needed to float for 10 seconds on his front and on his back.  He was easily floating on his front for 10 seconds, but on his back, every time the teacher would say, 8, he would drop his legs. I watched him do this over and over and over again.  When lessons were over, I asked him, "why do you drop your legs when the teacher says 8?"  His answer? "I don't want to go to level three!" 

He heard that level three you had to swim across the pool.  I guess in his mind, they were going to throw him in, and wait for him on the other side.  Once I assured him, that wasn't the case, I got the news the following day, that he had moved up to level three.  Silly silly boy, but I do love him.

I have been thinking back to when my kids learned to swim.  We belonged to a neighborhood swim club, and we had a lifeguard named Bob who taught both children to swim.  Luke had been traumatized by getting into some insecticide, and having to have the shower on his face for 15 minutes, so he wasn't real keen on getting his face wet.  Once he did, and learned to trust Bob, he became an excellent swimmer.  Lucy at age five was swimming laps and was a regular water dog..oh how I wish Bob would come and teach Ty to swim.  Changing teachers each level takes time to trust, and most likely slows down the progress.  The important thing is he loves it, and can't wait for free time so he can play and dive and be a goof ball.

During swim lessons, Mr. Magoo crawls around, heads for the pool until he can talk me into stripping him down and dangling his feet in the water.  I'm sure the swim instructors find it odd that a non paying child is getting his toes wet, but it's not like he gets all the way in the pool!

He no doubt will be a true water bug as he all ready loves to splash and kick.  He is turning the corner on walking and is getting braver and braver.  Last night he was laughing hysterically as he walked between his dad and me.  It was the cutest thing ever.  He gets close and then just dives on the person waiting...should try to video this as he will be full on walking before long.

When he's over here I have to make sure I have on tight pants as he loves to grab my pant leg and walk along...the exercise pants were going lower and lower and lower...such a funny bunny!

Last night was another corner turned.  My father-in-law turned 94.  We had a family dinner and he brought his girlfriend, who had celebrated her birthday on the 29th of July.  Easy enough to include her, and the candles were split, and both blew out the candles.  There was talk of them taking a cruise to the Panama Canal.  I hope this happens as I think it's always nice to have something to look forward to.  His girlfriend makes him happy, gives him companionship and is just all around good for all concerned.  She's such a sweet lady, although quite a bit younger.  :-)

It seems as if summer is here to stay.  One sunny day after another. I'm loving it, and so are the flowers.  Until next time, I'm off to soak up a little more Vitamin D.

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Baby G's Grandparents said...

Way to go, Ty! I'm so proud of you! And Mr. Teak walking already? WOW! Can't wait to see these little men...be down for a visit soon :). Thanks for the photos of your busy week!

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