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Monday, August 29, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

The Sunday hunt was completed by Sunday but being a busy busy day, it's being posted today.  My shots are below

Old & New
The oldest member of our family, my 94 year old father-in-law, with the youngest member of our family 11 month old grandson


This cheesy smile brought to you after a run through the splash pad with his cheeseburger!

A beautiful sunny day at the splashpad


                                                                       Night shot
An evening on the patio with friends visiting from out of state.  Wine, friends, and a warm summer evening.  Just perfect.


Ashley Sisk said...

That cheesy shot is so cute and I love your night shot.

Melanie said...

Ahhh... I just adore the 1st shot! These are all great, AND that cheesy smile, so CUTE!!

Btw, your blog is great! I read your live in Keizer, I live in Salem. It's so nice to meet you!! I don't know that meny fellow bloggers that live in Oregon, let alone a town away! Happy new follower form Happy Jax)

R and R's Grandparents said...

Tough assignment this time, but you nailed it! I love the young/old shot and of course cheesy :). The night shot brings back fond memories...thanks for the hospitality!

LINDYLOR said...

I love your old and new, it is perfect. They are all a pleasure.

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