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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dog days of summer

After feeling like fall is just around the corner, the heat came, and it's here. High 80's and watching #1 at soccer camp, my feet were cooking.  The kids with their sweaty hair and pink cheeks seemed none the worse for wear.

Having college age soccer players as coaches is a fabulous experience for #1.  He thrives on their compliments and is having some serious bromances with the "big guys"

I'm loving his long curly hair. The sweatier he gets, the more the hair curls.  He looks like a southern Cali surfer boy, and his hair just keeps getting blonder and blonder.  I need to enjoy it for I've been told that a haircut has been scheduled for his before school.  Hoping it's not too short, but hey, he's cute enough to rock whatever hair he has!

These two are buddies. They are total goof balls when they are together, but their imaginations are their bond...

celebrating his goal against the coach.

 After soccer it was off to the splash park for a picnic and some water fun.  The weather was perfect and all it takes is water and kids, and it's instant fun.

Baby boy was loving the water.  He wants to be just like the big boys

After an hour, it was time to pull off the wet clothes, robe up and head for home.  Sunshine and water makes for tired kids, and that my friends is a good thing.

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