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Monday, March 7, 2011

Rowdy March Madness

Between Lance and Erika going to Vegas, and my trip to Hawaii, it's been weeks since Rowdy has been here.  I got a text from Erika saying Lance would drop him off at 8:30, so I was surprised when Lance phoned at 8:05 saying they were outside.  Early bird gets the worm.

All was well, until "Dada" left. The boy has a serious crush on his dad at this point in his life, and Tutu wasn't going to cut it.  We worked it out, and after about 20 minutes, we were in the swing, but not before I caught some "stink eye"

I brought out more toys. The box of DVD's seemed to distract him, and finally he was up to a little breakfast.  I don't think he's been spooning much, as it was on the floor and tray...we'll hit this hard next time.  :-)

I have been keeping Ty's special toys behind the sofa for safe keeping.  Much to my surprise, Rowdy went behind the sofa.  Who knew he would "just fit" and enjoyed playing back there.  When I peeked  over the sofa, he gave me a wave.  So funny!
Quickly grabbing the play money, and small pieces he went on his way, and when he finally came out, he came over and spit out a piece of play paper money..  hmmmmm
The cats tried to cat nap, but Rowdy was far too interested in playing with them.  It amazes me that they don't try to scratch him, but when they tire of his antics, they just move to higher ground.

I brought out the Dr. kit, and he enjoyed playing with that. I present to you, Dr. Rowdy

checking his temperature
Rowdy is seriously growing some hair right now.  His toupee is almost a thing of the past....he's going to need a hair cut before long!
double checking his temp
And then time to chase the cats again!
There is no more crawling, Rowdy is an official walker now, and he's busier than ever!I have locked the cupboards with rubber bands and shut the doors.  Once he learns to open the pocket doors, we will have a problem, but for now, the lockdown is working. 

I know we were busy, because when I put him in the high chair for lunch, he was nodding off.  This is my productive time, so best get off the computer and get some work done..


Baby G's Grandparents said...

Hurricane Rowdy strikes again at Tutu's house! And you found out that Rowdy LOVES secret hiding places; man caves, forts, you name it! His hair does seem to be going through a growth spurt, huh! Thanks for letting me get a peek into his day,

Love, CiCi

MommyG said...

Thank you for watching our sweet boy. He always has fun at Tutu's house. It looks like another wonderful adventure! We appreciate you! I love getting to peak in on his day, when I have to spend it at work. Thank you!

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