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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Hawaii was fabulous, no doubt about it, but there's something nice about coming home as well.  Two big reasons are Teak & Ty,

Baby Teak sporting his Hawaiian finery to welcome Tutu home...he's changed so much in two weeks!
I went to Ty's kindergarten class this morning.  So fun to see all the smiling faces.  Got a huge hug from the teacher and was assured how much I was missed!  The kids all got Aloha bracelets that they seemed to enjoy.Ty reading his 125 Humpback facts

I'm sleepy, working on the laundry, bags are unpacked, gifts handed out, and it was raining...now the sun is out, and the valley greens are at their best.  Nice to be back, but here are some reminders of Hawaii

Such gorgeous colors in the flowers, the father son silhouette on the board, and our nightly visitor the gecko who sat on the outside of the window catching bugs. Mr. Hawaiian spider who's web said X marks the spot guarded our front door. And the final sunset.
 The Rea's and Lee's have one more week in Hawaii.  I said my good byes to them, and hope they are living it  up in their final week. 
Now back to the beauty that lies at home...grand babies and raindrops. All cozy inside.  Life is good

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