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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Last day in Paradise

Drum roll, conch shells blowing in the distance as the sun sets.  MG is headed home today.  Goodbye to her happy place.  Farewell palm trees whose leaves rustle softly and soothe me to my very core.  Goodbye ocean that holds such beauty within.  So long gentle giants..my playful dancing whales. See you another time. Tiki torch is extinguished....................

Back to Kapalua Bay for one last snorkel before I leave.  The sun was shining, the sand was warm, the ocean was little more choppy, and I was bob bob bobbing along as I paddled a path through the water.  Not the same snorkel experience as before, but no two are ever the same.  I saw an eel that scared the bajoobies out of me.  Once my heart rate returned to normal rhythms, I resumed my paddling path around the coral.

I am so thankful that I'm here, and I need to remember to be grateful for all I have and all the wonderful places I've been, but especially I need to thank God for good health.

Yesterday we saw a man, so thin it took our breath away.  With several people helping him, he was led down to the water and with much effort put on flippers and a mask.  The people around him were gently holding him up as he snorkeled and watched the wonder of what was under the sea.  As they came out, Wayne offered to assist the woman who was helping the man, and later he spoke with her.  The man is her brother, he has cancer and only 30 days left to live.  His last wish was to go to Hawaii and snorkel.  I told Susie, if that's ever me, help me out, let me snorkel, then let the fish have their way with me. It really was a very sobering moment.
 A couple exchanging wedding vows, a new beginning for them.  Tears at the end, and hope of the future.  I love weddings, and how special to be able to witness one as a voyer.
 Young children playing on the rocks, looking for wonders hiding in the rocks...all of their lives ahead of them.
 The glorious Kapalua Bay with the island of Molokai in the distance.  Truly one of God's beautiful masterpieces.
 A family portrait taken on the beach, no doubt being used for next year's Christmas card. Such wonderful family memories being made.
This man's final wish to snorkel in Hawaii.  Once 220 lbs and a very healthy non smoker, who watched what he ate, exercised regularly, who will hopefully be with God soon.

The beach, Maui, one of the most glorious places I've ever visited.  I never tire of it, never cease to be amazed by the splendor of it all.  The clouds, the flowers, the water, the flora and the fauna...all so perfect.

After our beach time, we headed to Kaanapali beach to have lunch at Leilani's.  It's a nice outdoor restaurant, and once again I was fortunate to enjoy fresh fish tacos.  Then we ladies all shared hula pie.  Oh my. Such a sweet decadent treat!

The group declared it Mary Gene day and said my wish would be granted.  I hadn't been to the Hyatt and Swan Court for years.  When Lucy was a little girl, she used to feel like a princess in a Disney movie when we would go down the staircase and enter the Court for brunch. The swans would swim around a pond while we dined.  It had been years, and took in all the lovely grounds and interesting landscape and water fowl.

This is an African crested crane.  How he loved showing off!  Almost as if he wanted his photo taken.

A peek at the gorgeous pool.  Woosh, this is an amazing view!
What would swan court be without swans?  The gorgeous black swan...and the lovely white lady. Swimming and reflecting in their separate pools.

Here is what awaits you when you descend the stairs to arrive at Swan Court.  In my memory it was so much more grand.  Am I now jaded? Have I been too many places, or am I just getting too old?  Made me kind of sad, as I remembered this being such a magical place.  Perhaps I just needed a little girl to see it through her eyes.

My last full day.  The ocean was whale soup.  They were dancing and jumping out of the water more than we've seen on any other day.  Saying good bye to me, or so I like to think. And then, a gorgeous brilliant sunset, the final blender and BBQ with great friends,  to give me the sweet memory until I return.

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Baby G's Grandparents said...

Welcome Home--hopefully the sun is out in K-Town today so you can ease your way back into reality. What a wonderful trip and now you can look back over each day's photo journal and relive it! Thanks for letting me tag along vicariously!

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