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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Life's Delays

I'm reminded today how every thing happens for a reason, and there is a reason for every thing. Not always easy for me, as I tend to be so busy that I run from this to that, and fill my free days with lists to be checked off, scurrying around trying to get it all done.
Then, when you've rushed, and hurried, caught a little flu bug (thanks to my buddy Rowdy) you are forced to STOP and wait. That would be today. 
I had Ty spend the night on Tuesday, one last sleepover before I left for Atlanta. Then Wednesday is Teak day, and what should happen, but as the morning progresses, I start feeling a little puny.
REALLY hoping that Mr. Brown eyes and his big Bro Ty don't get the crud, but as I said earlier, all things happen for a reason.
Now, I arrive at the Hampton Inn at PDX airport at 6:15 and am asleep by 7:00  I was awakened by my wake up call at four am, quickly go about getting ready.  I had everything layed out, ready for a quick departure.  My flight was leaving at 6:20 am, and it was a full flight! My hope was that I could possilby get a different seat assignment since all that was available were middle seats.  I'm in the shuttle, and decide to check my email.  There from 3:38 am was an email from Delta informing me that my flight has been delayed until 2:15 pm.  UGH....arrives at 9:50 pm.  That's like almost 1am my time!
The shuttle driver was nice enough to turn around, take me back to the hotel, the clerk reissued my key, and back up to the 4th floor I went.  My little dark nest was waiting for me.  I managed to go back to sleep for another hour, had breakfast, and I think this flu bug is on it's way out.
Now, here's hoping that an aisle seat is waiting for me when I check in at the airport!
The good news is Mark is flying in at noon, and we are going to meet for lunch.  See, things are looking up! If this keeps up, I may get upgraded to first class...HA!


Baby G's Grandparents said...

Sure hope you got that upgrade after all that! Have fun in Atlanta and say hi to Sasha for us!

We are in your neck of the woods next weekend (April 1-3); will you be back by then?

Hope so!

MG Atwood said...

No first class for this girl, but I have an aisle seat, and the entire row all to myself. As I reread this, it's obvious I'm dog tired from all the typo's. Geez.

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