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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Not a typical little things Thursday

This Thursday, it's not the little things I share, but the very large things. We went out on a whale boat yesterday. I'm a member of the Pacific Whale foundation, and I like to go out on their boats to watch the gentle giants of the sea.

It was total whale soup! We couldn't travel several times as we were "mugged" by the whales who came too close to our boat to be able to go anywhere. I usually go on the sunrise trip, but we are with friends who thought it better to sleep a bit longer.  The boat was packed to the max, and there was no wiggle room. I missed some whales that were breaching, as there were too many heads in my way, but I still enjoyed myself, and did capture a baby whale attempting a breach out of the water. This baby also rested her head across the head of her mother. Very sweet.

Today, with the money made from our trip yesterday, local school children will go out with the foundation and have a class at sea. How wonderful for the students! Hands on learning is the best, and if they are going to continue to live in Hawaii, they need to appreciate and help protect the animals that live in their ocean.

 This was all the "oomph" that the baby could muster. He'll get better as time goes on and get his entire body out of the water.

 This was a tail slapping session. The whale had been slapping it's tail on the water for about nine or ten times.
 My view from the front of the boat
The sun was shining, the ocean was flat, a beautiful way to spend a couple of hours!

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Pride In Photos Beauty said...

This is SUCH a big thing!!! It is on my bucket list for years to go whale watching. You very luck girl♥ Thanks so much for sharing these. I think he was flapping his tail alot to thank you for coming☺

Tamar SB said...

What a wonderful adventure!!

MommyG said...

Oh the BABY!!!! So cute!!!

MommyG said...

On the BABY!!!! SO CUTE!

MommyG said...

Oh the BABY!!!! So cute!!!

Jaymi said...

wow that's amazing! That must've been quite a sight to see!

Kim Cunningham said...

That has got to be amazing to see in person. Whales are such beautiful creatures. My daughter would have loved this. She is quite a nature lover.

Unknown said...

ooooh! Whales!!!!! you lucky lady, you.

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