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Friday, February 15, 2013

A day in Hawaii

The days are going by so quickly. Little ones not napping, too much time in the sun, we are savoring each and every minute of this trip. Here is a peek into a typical day.

We never tire of watching the whales from our lanai. They jump, splash, wave their fins, make puffs of water from their blow holes, it's so much fun to just sit and watch.  This was taken from our lanai with an 18-200 mm lens, so you can see how close they are to us!

such a sweet big brother keeping the little guy safe while we ride back to the harbor on top of the submarine.
 The boys were entertained by the diver who would bring things up for them to look at. Little guy was more interested in the diver than what he had. Waving and waving to them.

Just playing in the ocean is a ton of fun. We have some floats, boogie boards, masks and snorkels and can spend hours just playing in the water in back of our room. Lucy is 0-2 on floats. The first day a wave took her swimsuit bottom down, while she was rearranging herself, the float took off, I went after it, scraping my backside. Float returned safely. Yesterday she broke the seat in the float while she and little guy were floating. errr, she may have to stay in the sand today.  :-)

Little guys is afraid of the different wooden mascots around town. Really cracks us up.

 So many turtles. Sent the son in law down with the water camera to capture this turtle.

#1 has a homework paper on the cycle of the moon. So easy to do by looking outside each night. The adults had to look up  waxing and waning of the moon, as none of us could remember which was waing and which was waxing...tee hee. seven years old and he's keeping us on our toes!the long roadalso linking at Serendipity


tiarastantrums said...

beautiful days!

Anonymous said...

so much fun & beauty! =)

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