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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Edit Me Challenge

Another  "edit me" challenge, to get me into my photoshop elements and hopefully through trial and error, figure a few things out. It's a slow take for me. Practice practice, that's what I (they) say.

Here is the original photo.  I don't see much wrong with this, but I did attempt an edit
                                                              My edited shot

~ first I cropped the photo
~ added a duplicate layer, set to soft light 100% opacity
~did a slight levels adjustment
~did a slight hue/saturation adjustment
~Added Jessica Drossin Illumination texture, star spangled, at soft light 100% opacity
~Added Jill Wellington's bokeh#38, soft light at 52 % opacity

That's it for this week. If I knew more, I would somehow change the bright white from the pansy, but as they say, "it is what it is"

Head over to edit me challenge, and see what the other super creative folks have done with the edit.
Edit Me


Amy said...

Great work :) Elements is all about trial and error! :) You did fantastic! :) If you want some more of the bokeh to show anytime... just play around with the effect (soft light, multiply, screen) they are super fun and manipulate the photo in so many ways! Thanks for your comment on myown!!!!! Great Job!

The Southern Peach-Girls said...

I love your edit!!!!


Ida said...

Very pretty. The Bokeh worked great here. I like your edit very much.

Ida said...

Very pretty. The Bokeh worked great here. I like your edit very much.

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

Very good- Love how you perked it up

Kirsten- The Foreign Domestic said...

I don't think you overdid it at all! It's beautiful!!

lisa. said...

I think you did just beautifully here!
I love the fact that it is enhanced, but not overdone.
Sending you wishes for a wonderful weekend!

Melanie said...

Very pretty edit, & great crop! Who says you can't make white pop?!

Hey lady, I should be back to me reg blogging soon. Been a tough week, mem service yesterday. Just been a little drained, but I know CeCee will make it MUCH better! wink wink) xo

Anonymous said...

Great edit...I love just playing with editing software - you get some amazing results..

JulieH said...

Nice crop, lovely edit!

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