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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week in Rewind "above"

I feel like all the weeks that are coming now will be downhill for me. My "project" for the past year has been preparing for the largest fundraiser our philanthropic group puts on. It happened on Thursday, and it feels like the weight of the world has been lifted.
Chic Homeschool Mama

Monday was a "Rowdy" day.  He's loving playing with the cowboys and western town that we have. It's fun to sit back and watch him work these toys.

Baby boy came for an hour while his mama got her back adjusted at the chiropractor. Lugging this fella around doesn't help it, but his cuteness makes him hard to resist.
Full day with baby boy. He had to tag along as I ran errands to prepare for the spring forum the next night. His nap was in the car seat which made me feel a little bit guilty, but the show must go on!
The forum was well attended, the speaker delivered a great message, and aside from an almost technical glitch that is being remedied in this shot, John Robison NY times best selling author helped make some good money for our group.
On Friday I drove north for about 45 minutes to visit this cutie and his family. I wanted to take shots of this curly bob with his dog in a field. I could see it all so beautifully in my mind..well, what is it actors say? Never work with kids or animals? The same might be said for photographers. LOL There was TONS of energy from both, and I got a few good shots, but never the one perfect shot I had in my mind. Another day, perhaps.
Our town of Keizer, has a festival every year in May. The iris festival is a small town celebration that is what small towns are all about. Kids, animals, bands, old cars, fire engines, and then there is this group. Our high school reunion is coming up this summer. One of the guys on the planning committee thought it a good idea to be in the parade and see if we could locate some of the missing people from our grad class. Please note, the parade folks are all women, none of the men were able to attend. We walked/ran the entire route..heard the most hysterical comments, and all in all had a great time. The old gals still have it!
After almost two weeks of sunny beautiful weather, our rain returned. It's rain in the forecast for the rest of this week.  The hubs took me for a drive through the country. It's easy to forget how beautiful our area is, even in the rain. This was a shot of one of my favorite farm houses. I would love to sit on this swing and watch the world go by.

So here are my shots from the week, I'm putting them in finagle a foto as best of my week. One reason they are best, is this "curly bob" is so stinking cute, and the other is, I finally had a free day!

Can't you see what a character he is? These crack me up looking at them. Hiding in the grass, he was sure I couldn't see him!
Happy Jax


Anonymous said...

what gorgeous shots!

Lori said...

omgosh these children are cute! Curly bob is super sweet with that hair, eyes, and his lips. Awe...
Great shots!

Tamar SB said...

What a lovely and busy week! Love the picture of the swing in the yard! My sister and her husband went to the iris festival a few years ago since my sister had been working in Keizer part time!

Kirsten- The Foreign Domestic said...

Wow! You had a busy week!! Glad you found some time to get all of the photos together for Finagle a Foto! They're great!! I especially love the ones of your little one and pup walking in the field--beautiful!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

Well you sure have had a ton going on! Loving that VW & that tree with the swing is beautiful!

Melanie said...

So much greatness & cuteness... I don't know where to start! How nice you can breath a bit now, & de-stress, & you ended up helping a great cause. Funny, my mom was on her way to the event, then my dad had some work emergency come up, & she had to head back home. Too bad. Anywhooo... onto the gorgeous captures: Ok. Your little guys stripey shorts & blazer... might just be the cutest little guys outfit I've ever seen! Love the look on his cute lil mug too! Class of 72' pic (& car) is AWESOME! My mom & dad brought me home from the hospital in a white convertible 67'. Then had it til I was about 5... Darn it... how cool would that have been as a 1st car!

Sorry, got side tracked. Onto your photos! The farmhouse swing pic is beautiful! I would love to think the day away there too! Gosh MG, my fav though are the GORGEOUS captures you got of that curly haired cutie! OMGosh. They are great, & I love how you captured his the crazy/perfect energy of a toddler! I'm sure his parents loved your keepers! Another fantastic week lady! Btw, your hair cute/style is super cute! Ok. Byeeee.

Susan said...

Beautiful photos! Love that swing...and adorable boys, you captured them so well :)

Kim Cunningham said...

Your curly top is adorable! Great shots. Yay for being done with your big project!

Leovi said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful eyes full of innocence and tenderness, the beauty of life.

Katie said...

I love your beautiful pictures. The last ones are my favorite, although I can imagine it must be hard to get young boys and dogs to listen, they are both so full of energy! (Energy I wish I had today!)

Dina Lettre said...

Wow...what a beautiful (and fun) week!

Marilyn said...

Ahhhhh, where do I begin, can I have Monday and Friday to go please..? With a side of ALL the amazing cuteness happening ..? Soooo adorable and darling shots.. LOVE LOVE these.. Great post.. xoxo~

Annmarie Pipa said...

fun pictures...everyone!
you are one busy lady!

packmom said...

That shot of the tree swing is so inviting and peaceful. Love the ones with the dog too. Gotta love a boy and his dog.

Anonymous said...

Great photos this week. Love the swing shot.

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