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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Top Five Quarterly Favorite photos

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Favorite top 5 of the kids. That was tough. I like different photos for so many reasons, but here is what I came up with.

#1 Grandson

This was his last day as a six year old. A big seven years old now, reads like there is no tomorrow, and still a sweet, sweet boy. I love this photo because he is relaxed, happy, and loving on the fur baby. It will be a sweet reminder of how he looked with his baby teeth. It won't be long before those front teeth come out.

#2 Grandson aka baby boy
Almost 19 months old..hitting the terrible two's a bit early. We call him the "consumer" because he loves to eat. I adore his  milk chocolate pools for eyes. He's such a sweet little guy. I love this shot for his red hair, and brown eyes are complimenting each other so well.
                                                        ROWDY 2 1/2 YEARS OLD
Rowdy is my sweet friend, who I call my adopted grandson. He is a doll baby. Probably one of the happiest fellows around. I love this shot for the bright colors, and his adorable glasses.
                                           First Grand daughter aka baby girl
I was thrilled to have a baby girl in the family again. It's so fun to have fluff, and pink, and all that goes with it. She is four weeks old here. I love this photo because she is bright eyed, and laying in the suitcase that we used for her parent's wedding day. Inside of it were table assignments. Her parents have traveled the world to find who they were looking for back home, and I'm sure baby girl will travel the world as well.
                                          My daughter
The day she was born, my husband said, "look at those little lipstick lips" Her lips are magnificent. I've always said she should be a lipstick model.  Pretty on the inside, as well as out.  I love this photo because it reminds me of our trip to Hawaii. You can see the ocean and chaise lounges reflecting in her glasses.


Ashley Sisk said...

Love each of these - your perspective is really nice.

mommy of Five said...

in love with the suitcase shot!! i had done one like that almost 2 years ago with my little one! these are ll nice though =0)

Amber said...

It is so wonderful that you love to capture your grand kids. They will be glad to have these to treasure one day.

Bek said...

Love the suitcase picture and the perspective of the last one with so much detail in it.

My name is Melanie said...

I bet it was hard just picking 5, especially w/ all the cuteness that surrounds you! OHHH. LOVE each shot.
You beautiful Lucy should be a model, period. LOVELY captures Tutu.

My name is Melanie said...

P/S do you have the Canon 1.8 50mm lens? If so, how do you like it?

Lol.. I could have just emailed you, but I'm being SUPER lazy! One more click was just too much.)

Elena said...

These are all great shots; I can't choose a favorite!

Ms. Becky said...

wow, these are so excellent. each one is precious, I'm loving the intimacy in the moments you've caught here. I keep scrolling through them, hoping to determine a favorite but I cannot. You have a true talent for photographing faces.
I got momentarily distracted by your abstract in previous post - love love love it. It's dazzling! Just like your daughter's perfectly lined lips. I'm happy I visited this evening - what a joyful way to wind down the day. happy week to you MG.

Buckeroomama said...

I'm totally swooning over the baby-in-the-suitcase photo! So, so sweet. :)

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

As cute as the little ones are - I just love this one of your daughter!!

Michele said...

Such fantastic detail and diverse aspects - love them! Love that photo of your precious granddaughter.

xoxo michele

Sarah Halstead said...

Awww. So very sweet. I love them.

Angie said...

Oh MG, your daughter is beautiful and that Baby girl is just precious!! Love these shots so much! :)

MommyG said...

LOVE all of these shots!!! Thank you for including my sweet Rowdy into the bunch of favorites, he sure does love his Tutu! You have a natural gift that I just envy :)

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