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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mother/Daughter Get Away

Last weekend was a much anticipated get away for Lucy & me.  We had tickets to American Idol,and a room in Portland.  Ty was with his dad, and Teak was with his dad.  All the planets were aligned and we were off for a fun day and night in the big city.

When Lucy was a little girl, each summer we would do a mother/daughter back to school shopping trip. It started out as downtown Salem, and lunch. Then grew to Portland and dinner. After that it was Portland and a night in a hotel. Slowly the trips graduated to Seattle, Chicago, New York, and then she was a married woman, and the trips slowly came to a close.

Those were wild and wonderful times.  Going back in time isn't possible, but moving forward from where we are, is always an option.  Moving forward, mother, daughter time...first stop, NW 23rd street for some retail therapy.

If on NW 23rd in Portland, I highly recommend a stop here for a slice, at the least!
Wonder if free home delivery would mean them coming to Keizer.  Probably not..
Now we look at home goods, kitchen stores, and talk about what would be nice in each other's homes. I purchased new knobs for my bathroom, and Lucy was starving, so we searched for a quick bite, and hit upon the most wonderful pizza establishment.  Fresh heirloom tomatoes and basil on a crisp delicious crust.  Our number was 18, which was Lucy's old softball number. We giggled over the "how it was meant to be" of the moment.

After this light bite, the shopping continued.  We worked our way through the shops, looking at makeup, handbags, shoes, and all of the interesting things the small boutiques hold.  Shopped out, we headed for downtown and to our Hilton room that we hoped was waiting.

Well, driving in Portland is getting easier for me. I have a small understanding of a few places, and we maneuvered well, finding the Hilton on the first attempt.  Sadly, the room wasn't ready, but we left our bags, and headed out to see what downtown had in store for us.

Lucy's first stop was H&M a discount priced clothing store that we enjoyed visiting when we were in Vienna.  It has been in the Portland area for a year or two now, and Lucy found plenty to try on, and did end up buying a few things.  I even managed to find a couple of headbands.

So reminiscent of the old days, I'm sitting outside on a stool, waiting for the "fashion show" of what she tries on.  Now when I say something doesn't look good, there isn't the "face" or pouting that I won't spend that much on an item.  Being a grown woman, and mother herself, she knows if I say it doesn't look good, it is with her best interest.  Of course she buys her own clothes now, so that part has changed as well.

We wandered through all our favorite discount shopping locations. The Rack, Ross Dress for Less, and then we got the phone call that our room was ready.  We slowly started the walk back and had a few minutes to get cleaned up before the next part of the evening began.
The big city and all of the interesting folks we run across.  This guy was holding a sign, "Got weed?"  Only in the city!
The sculptures and water features are one of the things that make downtown Portland so pretty and relaxing to walk around. The sun was shining, the hustle and bustle of the city was everywhere. The little town girls from Keizer were having a most excellent adventure.

the room was perfect...nice and roomy, and we quickly cleaned up, and headed out to find a "happy hour" to start the evening before the concert began.
We walked a while, then ducked into Nordstroms to look for someone we knew that works there.  She wasn't working, so we asked another girl where a good place to go for happy hour.  La Brassiere was the recommendation,and I reminded Lucy that she had gone there for dinner during one of her proms.  It is under new ownership and just recently re-opened.  Only a block from Nordstroms, it was a sure thing for us.
There were tables outside, most of which were full, so we  took a chance on the inside seating.  The interior looked like a french bistro right out of France.  We took a booth, looked at the menu, and made quick decisions to try this and that.  Oh me oh my....the food was so delightful, we scarfed it down like we hadn't eaten in a week!
Lucy started with a yummy vanilla martini, and I was thrilled to find Gruener Vetleiner wine that I so enjoyed while in Vienna. These were mere beginnings to a wonderful array of food.
After the wine and food, we were too full to even think about dessert, but did find the menu interesting, and perhaps another day we will revisit and start with dessert!
We left feeling happy and full and made the two block walk to the MAX line.  So slick to grab the train and end up at the Rose Garden.  We had a short line waiting us, and were giggling that most of the attendants at the IDOL concert were older than me! It seemed as though there were a few teens, a few 20-30 somethings, and MANY 50-60 year olds.  So funny.
We had nice seats, straight on at the stage, and we were pleasantly surprised at how fantastic the concert was.  It far exceeded our expectations.  This year's group was very talented, and they put together an awesome show that made us tap our feet, clap, hoot, and smile.
After the show, it was grab the MAX, and head back to the Hilton.  Had a nice night's sleep.  Lucy didn't feel well during the night, but when I woke up, she was all ready in the gym!  We had breakfast, and left our room not quite as pretty as we found it.
We headed for K town, but not before stopping at a nursery to find some plants for Lucy's yard.  This was the first time she had left the baby overnight, and she was anxious to return.  Who can blame her?  He is awfully cute.
He lets you know what he needs, and when he needs it, which is usually RIGHT NOW!  Brother returned after being gone for six days, and it was so good to have all well in K town for another night...We planted some flowers, and the sun was shining...mother daughter trips will have to wait for now, as two small boys are wanting their mama!


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