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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Calgon, take me away......

This commercial has been playing in my head since I woke up an hour ago. Take me away, take me somewhere peaceful. Ahhh Maui pops in my brain. Warm sandy beaches, tropical breezes, sweet floral air.  OK, I need to snap out of it.  Maui is many month's away!

I've been bitten by the BS bug. Borde/Shaw bug to those that don't know. My darling grandsons have infected me with a summer cold. Not just any cold, but one that has me coughing from my toenails, sinus headaches, and an all over drowsy feeling that I just can't shake.  I'm doing somewhat better this morning, if you count trying to pour coffee in an upside down mug!  Mark was sniffling around last night, so I'm guessing this bug will now turn into the dreaded "man cold" I hope I'm better before this happens, as the "man cold" is always ten fold worse than any disease I can conjure up. At least that's how it seems.  :-)

Our weekend wedding at the beach last weekend brought much fun, revisiting of old friends, and a free microdermabrasion compliments of the wind and sand.  Oh me oh my, did that wind blow!
Note the tablecloths blowing in the wind...at least they were smart enough to put tacks in the tables!

The beach is a fabulous place for kids.  Miles of sand, an ocean, buckets and the things they can do are endless.  Baby boy loved his time in the sand.  He laughed, he threw the sand, and he rubbed it in his eyes.  Not so good, but big boy...now there is someone who takes it all in and makes the most of it. With a simple stick, some sand, and a vivid imagination, he had the time of his life!  He played and played not letting any of the adults in on his magical time.  We laughed so hard as we went through the food line at the wedding to find "the stick" laid out on the food line.  Yes, a certain someone had been there.

The temperatures were perfect, low 70's, and the wind was blowing.  We had complimentary microdermabrasion facials, the wind was in hyper speeds. 

Yes, the beach is a magical place. Adults sit and stare at the waves, and little ones dig and play...oh such fun!

Here are the troops ready to walk to the wedding.  Poor Mark, left his "wedding clothes" hanging on the closet door back home.  Oh well, what's a t-shirt among friends?  We had a pleasant 10 minute walk down the beach to the wedding.  When we arrived, a friend asked, "did you comb your hair today?"  Oh my.  We were asking ourselves the same thing. Why did we bother?  It took 30 minutes that night to get all the tangles out!
No, she isn't trying for the cousin It look alike!
The bride was stunning, it was fun reconnecting with old friends, but the wind drove us out.  We agreed to meet a group at the Pelican Pub and after a 30 minute walk up the beach with the wind in our faces, we made it!  Achilles tendon screaming, face burning, and hair, well let's just say it was not a photo moment.  We enjoyed some food and drink, and great conversation. Finally heading home, baby boy didn't want to sleep. Three naps and the BS bug, Lucy, Chris, and baby left for home around midnight.
Monday arrives, and it's a Rowdy day. The BS bug is bugging, but I go into lock down mode, and Rowdy has the run of the family room/kitchen.  He discovered the copper boiler filled with wooden pellets used for the pellet stove.  Little wooden pellets started being piled here, there, and everywhere, but he's happy, he's not eating them, I let it go.  As the pellets lost their  attraction, we moved on to learning a new skill.  Sweeping!  This was fun, although not too many pellets got in the dustpan..it was still fun.
Rowdy was a good sport, played nicely and we finished our Monday with snacks of veggie straws and Sesame Street. A nice quiet ending to Monday with the B/S bug.

 Tuesday was a child free day, but the B/S bug had me laying low.  This is the first summer cold I can remember, and it irritates me that it's kicking by behind like is.

Wednesday brought Teak over, and busy busy boy likes everything BUT toys!
The floors are getting a lot more character thanks to Mr. Teak.  :-)

"Hello"  "Hello"  the boy loves phones

This week also was the arrival of the butterflies.  I sent away for caterpillars for Ty.  I thought it would be great fun for him to watch them go through their life cycle.  Imagine my surprise when he informed me that he had done this in kindergarten!  Now I went to his classroom every week, and I never saw caterpillars!  Anyway, as the little guys made their chrysalis, Lucy was grossed out and they came to my house.  When we returned from the beach, we had one butterfly.  The instructions told us to only keep them for five days, then set them free.  The kitties thought that the butterflies were toys for them, and I was not in the mood for the butterfly habitat being batted all over, so Ty came by and we set them free.
 Not exactly as I imagined, but hey, if I've learned anything it's that I shouldn't have expectations of people or how events will turn out.  Life has it's own course, and my imagination doesn't always come full circle.

 Just know, in my mind, it's all good, even if real life doesn't follow that course.

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R and R's Grandparents said...

Sorry about your cold--hopefully Mark was able to fight off the dreaded Man Cold :). Our summer has been (and will continue to be) crazy busy as well. I sure miss those "Calgone Take Me Away" commercials as it's playing in my head as well. See you in a few weeks!

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