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Friday, July 22, 2011


Who would have ever guessed that such joy would come in the form of snails and tails and puppy dog tails? I swear these two grandsons bring more joy into my life than I knew was possible.  The six year old is growing so quickly I can't stand it. He will be in school full days as a first grader, and I know that our time together is so precious..
Blueberry picking has become a tradition.  He eats as many as he picks. Hopefully he won't get too big to continue doing this activity with his Tutu!

His little brother is 10 months old, and is showing so much personality. I need to enjoy this baby stage for I fear this one will be a wild one!  He blows kisses, smiles and says Tutu to melt my heart..in fact he's becoming quite the parrot and tries to say many things.

We will be having a weekend at the beach, and I can't wait.  sand toys, camera, waves, sand dunes..oh I hope it all is as wonderful as my imagination!

I offered to take Ty to the movies.  I told him winnie the pooh was playing. He informed me he's too big for Winnie the Pooh.  ACCCKKKKKK! How can this be????

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