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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Laughter is always available

On this trip, there have been so many hysterical events. Today after days of whining, I got the car headed for a field of flowers. There was no turn out, and with three women in the backseat, Patti hopped out to let me out, next thing we knew, the car was speeding away. No problem. We will take photos of the field of yellow flowers with poppies sprinkled in. To get where we needed to be, we had to hop over a ditch with water. No problem, helping each other we manage it only to find more standing water where we have landed. Perfect.
We take a few shots, dogs from somewhere are going crazy barking at us, eventually the car returns, but not before our feet are covered in a muddy clay that once we are safely in the car, we discover it smells like a barnyard. Hmmm not the sweetest smell, but we don't have a long drive.

Normally at this time of year, the poppies and wild flowers are everywhere. Since they have had so much rain, the flowers are a little more sparse.

When we got home, hosed all the mud off our shoes, Patti announced, "we're going swimming" We had made a pact back at home, that regardless of weather, we were going in the pool.

Swim suits, check, sunglasses, check, flip flops, check. Fancy scarves to give that exotic feeling of Italian Riviera, check....now to make the plunge.

Not exactly synchronized swimming, and now our little secret will be yours. It was cloudy, cold, and the pool was NOT heated. Geesh. Patti did better than I did, we went numb pretty fast, and thirty seconds after getting out it started to rain.
We laughed, so proud of our crazy selves.  This goes down in the books with the ocean kayak trip where we capsized and became shark bait...oh the memories, and the laughter!


Diane said...

Beautiful brave women!

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

Oh my- that pool does look cold. I have a rule- it has to be over 100 degrees before I swim. :)

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