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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Alive and well in Greece

Wow, it's go go go! From the time we get up, until we lay our weary heads on the pillows. We are alive and well, having a fabulous time, but could use some down time and some free wifi. They practically want your first born for the privilege of using WiFi on the ship.  We are eating more than we are walking off, that will change when we get to our next stop.

One member of the group is sick, hoping she feels better today. Two of our group cancelled their tour and stayed on the ship to rest up, but Mark and I pilgrims that we are kept on trucking!
Athens is a place we visited in July 2001 It was about 110 degrees, and I barely remember things, as I'm convinced my brain was boiling.

This trip was a cool (?) 85 degrees very unusual for their spring. Just our luck. We were sweating bullets but still made the climb up to the Acropolis, and took in all it's splendor and the panoramic views of Athens below. We had an older guide, a woman who is passionate about her culture and her heritage. I wish I'd taken notes. So much we learned, and I'm sure it will pop in and out of my head for years to come.

We visited the Acropolis museum that is only 3 years old. So modern, clean, and air condidtioned! Amazing relics are housed there and some of the floors are glass, so you can see ruins below. Very enjoyable hour and half in there.

We had lunch at an "ancinet" restuarant, and were served foods that were typical of ancient times. pottery cups, pitchers, plates, and only a spoon and knife. A young woman danced for us and it was a lovely way to unwind with choices of red or white wine from the pitchers. The food was fabulous and we were able to visit with two other couples who were touring. Our group was small, only 19 which made the day that much more enjoyable.

We are off to Olympia today. Forecast is for 80's but the weather feels cool and hazy.  I will post more photos when there is time.


Tamar SB said...

How fun! Hope you continue to enjoy the trip!!

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

WOW- hope your friend is feeling better. No fun being on a trip of a lifetime & feeling horrible. Absolutely incredible things you are seeing.

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