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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Borgehse Gallery

What a wonderful morning we had! Two hours looking and learning about some of the most precious and exquisite art in all of the world. Sculptures that you can't imagine the detail of. Painting from Masters that are so unique and amazing.

We met our guide Joseph at 8:30 for our 9:00 tour. You are only allowed in the gallery for two hours. This is good and it's bad. Good is, it doesn't get overly crowded, bad part is you could easily spend a day inside looking in awe at the rooms filled to the brim with art.

This house of Borgehse they called their "small house" You would laugh as it's quite a spacious villa with large rooms and three stories high.  They were avid collectors and had incredible pieces on display. Now the state owns the home, the art, and the land, which is a park.

We had to check our bags and cameras before entering so I only have photos of the outside of the home and the garden in the back.

The sculptures were so incredible, like nothing I've ever seen.  I'm including a link, but I'm not sure the photos can do them justice.  My favorite one was Apollo and Daphne when she turned into a tree. The leaves were so delicate, and the stone had the slightest sparkle to it. The bark on the tree had amazing detail, and the expressions on their faces with the hair blowing nearly blew my mind!


The aviary that is next door to the "little house"

A church that was closed but had forgotten to close the door. We were having lunch across the street

After lunch we traveled over the bridge and visited a part of Rome that we had never visited before. The area is called Trastevere

Of course there was a square, and a church and we went inside. It was amazing! So many areas, and such beauty inside. We later learned that this was the first church built in Rome in the 4th century. Two popes and several cardinals are buried here. Hard to believe how much history has passed through here!

These are mosiaics

walking and finding charming alleys is one of our favorite things to do.

So glad we visited here. Not as much hustle and bustle as the city of Rome, very charming.

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