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Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 25 Palm springs get away

I've mentioned that since the high school reunion, the ladies have tried to make time to get together. This weekend two other friends and I flew to Palm Springs to visit a friend who lives in the area. We originally thought we would stay with the CA friend at her home, but then her generous husband rented us a home in Palm Springs. 

This home is straight out of Old Hollywood. You would think that if you looked down the road, we would find the rat pack. So generous of him, and we are having a great time catching up.

Last night we went into town for dinner and walked the streets where they were having a street fair. At times I felt like a salmon going upstream. So many people, but a fun warm evening and a nice change of pace.

 This shot was not easy. It seems that most tourists want to stand under Marilyn's skirt and get a photo. Managed to snap this in between people. Shortly after this shot, Two of the women were "those people" and I took a shot of them hanging on to Marilyn's legs.
This fine snout was at one of the booths. Funny, yet perfectly normal for Palm Springs.

On the sidewalks are stars of people who have contributed in some way to Palm Springs. I had to snap this one.  Who doesn't love the tin man from the Wizard of Oz?

This morning, I'm the only one up at the crack of dawn, the rain is gently falling which I hope is over before we truly start the day. There's a swimming pool I'm wanting to attack, and somehow in the rain it doesn't seem as good.

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Kim Cunningham said...

How fun! You captured a great perspective of MM. I can imagine how hard this would be with people hanging about.

Emily S said...

What a fun getaway! Hopefully the rain will let up for you to enjoy the day!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like a fun trip! Great photos :-)

Tish said...

sounds like an amazing get-a-way!! enjoy yourself! I wonder if that is the same statue - we were in Chicago in the summer of 2011 and there was a huge statue of her there. like you, i had a terrible time trying to get a photo with my girls. There were so many people flocking around and looking up her skirt! ha ha

Melissa Bliss Rich said...

What a fun trip! Good for you! Great shots :)

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