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Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 11, ten on ten

Something new for me. Ten photos on the tenth day of the month. I guess it's a glimpse into my mundane day. I'm taking a class where we are working on low light and catching things in the moment, so there is some of that included in my day.

I had the "boys" early bed heads, breakfast, and some early tv, did a mountain of ironing, my mother in law always said you should start the New Year with all your laundry done. Well, a little past the new year, but it's all pressed and hung!

Here are ten photos from the tenth day of January.

Five am coffee before going to the gym
Retrieved my water bottle that I left at the gym
Still dark, and still raining
Oh how I love this bed head! Such a voracious reader. He is quite impressive for a 2nd grader
Little guy loves to go back in my bedroom and watch "moodies"
#1 less than thrilled to be my model for a moody low light shot. He's over being in front of the camera!
Building, building, building.
As good an excuse as any to stop ironing.
It has been so gray here, such a welcome sight to see blue skies! So cold, but so pretty
Heading south!

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Sarah said...

Yay! We did it! Love your light photos, but that bird shot is my favorite! So cool!

{cuppakim} said...

i love when 10 on 10's start out with keurigs. :) mine almost did. but i went with a different shot this time.

the bird shot is AWESOME.

and i'm ALWAYS scared i'm going to leave my water bottle at the gym and lose it forever!

Katie said...

I always forget to actually take the pictures for 10 on 10! But I love yours :)

Barb said...

A busy day indeed - the boys are so cute. My grandchildren are over the camera, too!

Emily said...

Your photos are amazing!

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