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Monday, September 10, 2012

Week in rewind...the days end

Another blurry week! Schools are back in session, football has started, and fall is in the air.
This is my day with baby girl. We play hard, she is really showing such a fun personality. she laughs, she's sitting up and wants to crawl in the worst way!
Still enjoying summer like days, but harvest is coming, and fall is in the air, especially in the mornings.
Enjoying days sitting on the patio watching the fountain. I know these days are coming to a close

Friday night, our first home high school football game. Living in a small town has it's perks. The town is so energized by the new coach who was a college teammate of our son's, that the bleachers were full to the brim. This is a supportive town, and standing on the sidelines taking photos was old home week. Many people to visit with, and such fun to watch #1 being a ball boy. He had such fun!

Our first home college football game. The first scheduled one was cancelled due to hurricane Isaac. This time the Wisconsin Badgers came to Oregon.  We had such fun last year when we traveled to Wisconsin, and got our tails slapped, losing by a huge margin to a fantastic football team. The Badgers were ranked #13, and the place went nuts when we pulled off a win!! Tailgating, wearing orange proudly, Oregon State started the season with quite a fever.
Last night we celebrated my first born's birthday. His actual birthday is today, but with work, and football it was best to get everyone together yesterday. BBQ, cupcakes, berry pie, and family. A lovely evening to celebrate a man I'm so proud to call son. He is really a fabulous person and that makes me proud.  Baby girl wore her motto "Daddy is under my spell" and that is an understatement!
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Tamar SB said...

Those grapes - gorgeous!!! I dunno MG, you're a Beavers fan, we're Ducks fans...

Noam learned to say quack, quack, quack this week during the games!

Kim Cunningham said...

Baby Girl is just a doll! You can see in your son's eyes that he is under her spell! Lovely grapes! Just want to reach out and start snacking in them. I just love fall too!

MixedMolly said...

She is adorable! That picture with her dad is very precious.

Sarah Halstead said...

Love these!! Amazing photos this week!

packmom said...

Love those grapes and the school shot. How fun to go to a football game. I need to take my boys. Great week!

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