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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week's hunt is brought to you from Green Bay, WI. The hubs and I are having a get away for a late birthday present.  I guess we are officially old, as we are starting to do "bucket list" items. 

Last summer while working on my reunion, one of the ladies was giving us a tour of her home. Her husband's man cave was total Packer gear from head to toe.  She said they were season ticket holders and when I passed that info on to my hubs, he got excited.  Long story short, this is a belated birthday present and we are having a great time in Green Bay.

The hubs picked this game against the Vikings thinking it would be iconic, and December  because he wanted it to be real cold.  Well, this Oregon girl, doesn't do cold well, and the temperatures are cooperating. No snow, and high 40's.

We took a tour of Lambeau on Friday and here are my hunt items from there.

I'm missing from this picture, as are all of the fans.
  We were in a local establishment and a sign says, "I hate purple people" Pretty much the feeling in this town.
These are the numbers of the retired jersys
 As we walked down the tunnel, the music played and the crowd cheered just as the Packers hear it as they take the field. I must admit, being a 49'r fan, I even thought this was cool!

We wore bracelets to go on the tour.....sorry, it's a stretch, but do you really want to see my bracelet?


Barbara said...

Beautiful pictures, love your NUMBERS shot!

No Greater Love said...

I LOOOVE how you did all the prompts with your football trip. That is awesome. Looks like you had a wonderful time. :)

Susan said...

That looks like a fun trip. i hope the game is a good one, and not too cold for you today. I am a NE Pats fan and would only want to attend a game in Sept or early Oct. I would not want to be super cold. Go cheeseheads!

Tamar SB said...

Great set! Sounds like a fun trip!!

Emily S said...

Nice set! I bet your husband loved it!

Nicki said...

Excellent job fitting in this week's hunt with your visit to Green Bay. Was briefly a Vikings' fan when local boy Randy Moss played there. Enjoyed the tour - thanks for sharing.

YolandaR said...

Welcome to Wisconsin! Would have been so funny if I had seen you ;)

Christine E-E said...

bet the bracelet got cold!! that weather looks chilly to me - of course, I'm a Central Californian girl. I like your NUMBERS shot - very clever interpretation.

Ms. Becky said...

You're among cheeseheads! So close and yet so far. That was a good game too, I was a bit nervous for awhile there. And the weather was gorgeous today, so you really lucked out. early December in Wisconsin can be frigid. I hope you got to take in the lake but stayed away from eating too many brats! Thanks for all the Lameau pics, it's like being home. happy week to you Mary Gene.

Kimberly said...

Looks like a great time! So cool that all of your hunt photos are from your trip!

hiflight said...

Great pictures of a great trip. Numbers is great. Thanks

Pride In Photos said...

Thanks for sharing the details of the stadium. I have been to Green Bay but it was July, much different weather. They have the BEST fireworks display!

Katie said...

I love this! What a fun and special experience!!

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