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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Grandsons***** double the pleasure

Grandsons...what a joy, what a blessing, what sweet sweet boys I'm privileged to see frequently.  Yesterday I had both boys while Lucy worked.  Usually having both all day is a little of overload.  Ty is used to running the show over at Tutu and Boppy's house, and with a 9 1/2 month old brother, Tutu just doesn't have undivided time for him while Teak is awake.  Guess that's life, but I do cherish my alone time with Ty. Only six years old, but so much older in his soul. His questions and his slant on the world are always good entertainment.
We took a trip to the Iris fields, to their test gardens which are so beautiful this time of year, and tried and tried to take brother photos..Teak is a bit of a wild cat, and hard to corral, but we did get a few.

Ty doing his best to hold on to the wild beast.

Mama and her boys, note Teak trying to make a get away!

Tutu has vice grips on the little one's arms. He'd been wrestling, grabbing his brother's face, and basically trying to be free.

My favorite shot.  It's already enlarged and in a frame.  I had to throw a sucker at them to get Teak to stay put and not eat grass.

There's that darned sucker.  He just couldn't part with it.  :-)

As Ty said, "They look good, but smell bad"

Last shot of the day, in the iris patch. Ty was feigning sore legs, hot, thirsty, you name it, but I got my photo of the Iris. 

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