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Sunday, June 12, 2011

BEE utiful day!

Oh how I love the Willamette Valley at this time of year! The temperature, the flowers, it's all so perfect. A walk through a garden with my new camera that I'm still trying to figure out was what the day called for. The bees were busy as could be, and one Mr. Bumble had so much pollen on his back legs, I didn't know how he continued to fly! 

Flowers elicit such memories for me...My dad was always working with a local grower to get a hybrid of an iris that would be black. They came up with one, but not during his lifetime.  One of my mother's favorite flowers was the foxglove. I can't help but think of her when I see them.  Lavender and purple flowers make me think of my friend Anna, who loves all things purple, and the red poppies just screamed Lucy...I loved the peonies SO much I wish I had some in my yard. 

Take a walk through the flowers and enjoy.

 Nana always wore this coral color of lipstick...this must be for her

As a child I would suck the nectar out of these columbines...

I need to put foxgloves back in my yard.

 The fields of iris are coming to a close, but such pretty colors when you're driving by.

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