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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Wedding

After months and months of planning, sharing ideas, shopping, it finally came down to the day.  My first born, my son, was to take a wife.

It was amazing the range of emotions I felt. I was truly happy, and as you will see, it was a stunning wedding, right out of a magazine. The beauty of the people and the surroundings could take your breath away!

Not much time, so I'll share a few shots that I loved...remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

This little doll was So in love, she just couldn't get enough bride time...she road on her coattails every chance she got.

Oh sweet butter cream! In all my years, I've never tasted cake like this before, and may never taste again!

When I called her name, and she looked up, it took my breath away! So lovely.

The view from the Master suite...folks didn't get too far from the food and drink!

"Gram" and her look alike granddaughter...

We had practiced, "ladies first" but when it came to crunch time....Teak was crying, Ty was wheeling him in circles, and Ty made the decision to get the buggy rolling...All were as cute and sweet as can be.  What you can't see, is the "Here comes the Bride" banner on the back of the wagon.
This photo courtesy of my sister...sweet baby was woken up minutes before heading down the aisle. Kinda looks like a little Winston Churchill, minus the cigar!

Little one would have nothing to do with the wagon, until after the wedding..so stubborn, and so adorable!

A new daughter for me
This was our view of the wedding.  I was too caught up in the moment to take photos, but Mr. had his trusty iPhone and shot several.  He's so proud of himself! It was an amazing moment, as the clouds parted, and sun came out. The forecast had been for rain, and I took this as a good sign. A sign that all was right, and this love would last and many happy years of marriage will follow.

my sisters...we always tease the youngest to say she's the oldest.

These are the prenatal pals. One on the left lived next door, born one month after our son, one in the middle born 3 months later. We have many photos of different times in their lives where they are in this order.


When Luke played football in Europe he was known as the Duke. Quickly we named them the Duke and Duchess....long before we knew of Will and Kate!


Baby G's Grandparents said...

Breathtaking photos! Love the "prenatal pals" shot -- the middle guy and Luke look like twins :). And Sasha sure rocked the mermaid cut--simply gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

MommyG said...

What a beautiful day...hard to believe its already over! Sasha made a BEAUTIFUL bride and I've never seen Lukey happier. :)

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