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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Being sick is no fun!

Fevers and children are not a good combination.  Ty started having a fever yesterday, and due to that, there was no t-ball for the boy. It was going to be the last t-ball game I was going to be able to watch. I was bummed.  Not only for the loss of t-ball, but knowing how miserable it is to have a fever and not know what is wrong with them.

I received a phone call at 7:30 am and it was Ty telling me he still has a fever and can't go to school.  He asked if I would come over and take his temperature.  Oh me oh my.  Part of me didn't want to catch whatever he has, and the other part knew that regardless, I would be there, with my best Nurse Ratchett gear, and see for myself what was wrong with the boy.

His temp was 101.4 eyes didn't have their sparkle, and his cheeks were a ruddy reddish color.  No rash on his tummy, no headache. Just a good old fever.  Hmmmm temp was taken an hour after Tylenol & it was still over 101.  Downstairs we went, and pulled out the big gun...Mom administered ibuprofen.  Didn't taste good, but he took it like a man.  Hoping he's better tomorrow...hoping no other family member gets this bug...

Chunky monkey greeted me at the door.  He's got two cute little teeth on the bottom, but they are his best kept secret!

So pathetic! Just laying around watching dinosaur train.

here's a link to a smiling Ty time  http://www.haugensgalleri.blogspot.com/

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