I heart faces photo challenge

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

All Boy

I met with this family the other night, and let me tell you, these were ALL boy. The caterpillars were so engrossing that I had a hard time getting their faces up to take photos! So when in doubt, run them! They really enjoyed a romp in the tall grass.

Photo Challenge Submission

I'm entering this photo into the I heart faces photo challenge, "all boy"


Tamar SB said...

All boy indeed - what a fun shot!!

Unknown said...

just visiting your blog inspires me! I left my SLR at home this summer, and brought my new Lumix point-and-shoot to play with at the cottage. We will be visiting overseas next May, and I need to learn how to use this thing well. The good thing about it is its small size and great zoom (for a little camera). I don't want to lug the big SLR everywhere, and yes, I know I am sacrificing all it has to offer, but.....

ANyway, your shots are so fabulous. I will try harder.

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